Recent News

June 10, 2024
Cloud Vase is featured in Souvenirs of a Forgotten Past, an exhibition of natural stone objects produced by SolidNature and Secrets of the Universe. On view June 10 to August 10, 2024 at the Luminaire showroom in Chicago.

June 3, 2024
Stephanie Lin is featured in KoozArch conversation,  “The undisciplined discipline: architecture and its other possible practices.”

November 11, 2023
Stephanie Lin is named recipient of the 2023 AIA AZ Design Pedagogy Award for her teaching at TSOA.

April 12, 2022
Stephanie Lin presents The School of Architecture at the AIA St Louis Continuing Education Workshop Series.

October 8, 2022
Stephanie speaks at the National Academy of Design‘s event In Situ: Places (and Material) with a Past.

September 17, 2022
Veil Chair, Blue Fresco, and Multifocal pedestals are exhibited in the National Academy of Design’s Materia/Material. Opening Saturday, September 17 and on view through October 22, 2022.

On October 8, 2022, Stephanie Lin joins conversation In Situ: Places (and Material) with a Past.

August 10, 2022
Organic is longlisted for the Dezeen Awards in Exhibition Design.

June 1, 2022
Organic is featured in The Architect’s Newspaper article: “At The School of Architecture, new voices unpack Frank Lloyd Wright's trickiest design principle” by Nick Shekerjian.

April 16, 2022
Organic, an exhibition organized and designed by Stephanie Lin with the assistance of TSOA students opens at The School of Architecture.

April 5, 2022
Stephanie Lin speaks at Syracuse Architecture Drawing Workshops Exhibition Opening and Panel

February 23, 2022
Stephanie Lin has been named the 2023 WOJR/Civitella Ranieri Architecture Fellow.

February 10, 2022
Present Forms’ work featured in Pratt SOA Exhibition curated by Jonathan Scelsa, Jason Lee, and Ashley Simone, In the Round, On the Flat.

January 1, 2022
Present Forms is excited to announce an online shop of objects and artifacts by the studio, coming soon.

October 25, 2021
Stephanie Lin’s visiting Drawing Workshop and exhibition at Syracuse Architecture is featured in The Architect’s Newspaper article “Stephanie Lin leads students Beyond the Surface at Syracuse University” by Davis Richardson .

October 3, 2021
Stephanie Lin completes Drawing Workshop Beyond the Surface at Syracuse Architecture, taking place at Syracuse Architecture from September 24 - October 3, 2021.

September 24, 2021
Stephanie Lin presents the work of Present Forms as part of the Syracuse Architecture Drawing Workshop Series.

September 23, 2021
Present Forms is featured in group exhibition Models at Forum Stadtpark, Graz, curated by Julian Brues, Philipp Sternath. September 23 - October 2.

September 1, 2021
Drawing ‘Accumulated Error no. 41’ by Present Forms is featured in latest edition of Drawing Codes Vol. 2 exhibition at the California College of the Arts Hubbell St Galleries, San Francisco, CA. September 1 - October 8, 2021. Curated by Andrew Kudless (University of Houston) and Adam Marcus (CCA)

June 14, 2021
Stephanie Lin participates in an invited talk and discussion around the work of Present Forms moderated by Daisy Ames and Kyle Miller at citygroup gallery.

April 21, 2021
‘Digital Fresco’ work is featured in exhibition Linee Occultee at citygroup gallery, curated by Daisy Ames.

March 9, 2021
Stephanie Lin, Sean Canty, and Ryan Golenberg of Office III give a remote desktop lecture for Wedge Gallery at Woodbury University.

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